For over 35 years, North Carolina’s biggest and best business magazine.

Change is constant in business, and over more than three decades, this business magazine has changed in many ways. But one thing remains the same — our reason for publishing it. As a mission statement for Business North Carolina, this holds as true today as when it was written many years ago.

“Nobody else does what we do. Our job is to explore what’s happening in one very special place: North Carolina. That sets us apart from the magazines that cover business from a national or international perspective. And it separates us from local newspapers and business journals. But what makes us different is not so much what we do, but how we do it. Our job is to produce quality, in-depth journalism, to dig into stories behind the news, then deliver what we uncover in a manner that, though at times may be provocative, is always fair, accurate and thorough. Unlike some business magazines, we do not speak for any special-interest group or espouse a specific viewpoint. Our job is to reflect reality and, in doing so, to entertain and enlighten our readers.”

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