Wednesday, May 29, 2024

What’s at stake for NC business if we can’t convince policymakers to modernize transportation funding? Everything.

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There are few things more fundamental to success for job creators than transportation infrastructure. You might assume that a fast-growing state like North Carolina has all the modern mechanisms in place to support a 21st century transportation network. You’d be wrong. 

That’s because North Carolina’s approach to transportation funding is stuck squarely in the past, propped up by a motor fuels tax designed for a 20th century world. And the costs of this approach – from revenue shortfalls and project delays to crumbling bridges and rising traffic fatalities – are adding up across our communities. The NC Chamber’s Destination 2030 Coalition is on a mission to modernize transportation funding in North Carolina. We’re an alliance of job creators and growth-minded organizations working to ensure our elected leaders enact bold solutions to revamp our transportation revenue streams in 2022 and beyond.

Our businesses and the people who power them need a sustainable funding model in place to support safe, resilient transportation infrastructure that can keep commerce flowing throughout our communities and keep our state connected to the markets and opportunities that lie beyond our borders. Won’t you join us in turning this business imperative into a bold new reality for North Carolina? Our competitive future hangs in the balance.

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