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UNC Chapel Hill Board chair Boliek considering running for state auditor

David Boliek, chair of the UNC Chapel Hill board of trustees, says he’s considering running for state auditor and will make an announcement after Labor Day.

Boliek, who is also an attorney in Fayetteville, says his experience on the university’s board makes him suited for the role.

“The board, in particular, has taken its responsibility and accountability really seriously,” says Boliek in a Thursday interview. “So with that experience, there may be an opportunity to bring that level of experience to the state auditor’s office.”

David Boliek

Boliek, a Republican, received his bachelor’s degree from UNC Chapel Hill and his JD and MBA from Campbell University. He has been the CEO of a government contracting firm and a prosecutor in Cumberland County. His law practice focuses on litigation and consults on healthcare issues.

The current state auditor is Beth Wood, a Democrat who has been in the role since 2008. Wood is running for re-election. The office’s job is focused on improving state government and uncovering waste and abuse of state tax dollars by state agencies or private entities that receive state funds.

Boliek says he would take a more collaborative stance as state auditor.

“We need to make sure people are doing a genuine and honest job,” says Boliek. “And if they’re not, those instances need to be called out. But in large part, state agencies and people who work in those agencies are genuinely trying to do a really good job for taxpayers. So it’s really important to make sure that office takes that into account.”

Boliek joined the UNC Chapel Hill board of trustees in 2019, and his term expires in 2027. He does not have to resign from the board to run for state office.

Other Republicans running for state auditor include Belmont businessman Charles Dingee, former Greensboro City Council member Jim Kee and Guilford County commissioner James Upchurch.

Chris Roush
Chris Roush
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