Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Too much obesity, fewer smokers and 6 other things to know about N.C. health

North Carolina ranked No. 33 in United Health Foundation’s annual report that examines health trends in the U.S. (Hawaii was the healthiest state; Louisiana ranked as the least-healthiest.) After combing through the study, here are the 8 things to know about health in the state.

1. The areas that have challenged N.C. over the last year include high incidences of chlamydia, too many people without health insurance and a high prevalence of low birth weight.

2. In the last three years, drug deaths increased 25% from 13.0 to 16.2 deaths per 100,000 population.



3. In the last five years, obesity increased 8% from 29.6% to 32.1% of adults.




4. In the last three years, premature death increased 8% from 7,604 to 8,177 years lost before age 75 per 100,000 population.EXPLAIN MORE CLEARLY



5. BUT, the state does get a clean bill of health in several categories: low prevalence of excessive drinking, high percentage of high-school graduation and high HPV immunization coverage among adolescent males.


6. In the last five years, the high-school graduation rate increased 10% from 78.0% to 85.9%.


7. In the last five years, smoking decreased 18% from 20.9% of adults to 17.2%.



8. In the last five years, children in poverty decreased 18% from 26.0% to 21.2% of children aged 0 to 17.


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