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Sponsored: Public, private sector construction projects require skill, trust

Rendering for the Branch Builds’ project on Sun Valley High School, which includes additions and renovations.

This content is brought to you in partnership with Branch Builds, which provides professional construction-management services on a diverse array of projects to a broad range of private and public-sector owners.

Modern construction projects are no easy feat. Despite technological and process advancements, construction remains a complex science that often encounters delays, change orders and ballooning budgets.

Whether for private or public-sector owners, most construction projects face many of the same issues. Yet, these seemingly common challenges aren’t the reality for all construction projects. So, why do so many projects struggle? What makes a successful project stand out?

A common denominator can be found the relationship between the owner and the construction management firm. A relationship that is built on key values — such as skill, trust, collaboration, transparency and accountability — is far more likely to result in a project that is delivered on time and on budget.

Branch Builds, a leading construction management firm with an office in Charlotte, provides an instructive example of how successful construction projects are consistently delivered. The firm focuses on building mutually beneficial relationships with owners and other project team members early on in the process.

“Relationships are built on trust and transparency, and so are successful projects,” says Craig Floyd, president of Branch Builds.

“That’s why Branch Builds commits to accountability for our clients. We establish realistic expectations and build trust through consistent and clear communication that keeps a client and other team members fully updated on progress throughout the entire design and construction phases,” he adds.

Trust is an important first step, but it needs to be aligned with a team that can deliver the results needed. Thus, the team serves as the second ingredient for success.

“As a construction management firm, we don’t just specialize in building incredible facilities; we specialize in building high performance teams,” says Dan Patete, Charlotte business unit leader for Branch Builds.

Those teams must include members who have experience designing and building projects similar to a client’s specific need while also having strong communication and problem-solving skills. Innovative thinkers are crucial because complex projects require adaptability.

Even with high performance teams in place, unforeseen challenges can emerge. There are likely to be many fewer issues, but they could still arise, which is why the most respected construction management firms continue to emphasize strong relationships.

“At the end of the day, we want to work with clients who align with our core values,” Floyd says. “It’s crucial that we’re clear about that values early in the process and from that point we can build a solid foundation of trust.”

When that foundation of trust and communication is combined with a team of talented professionals bringing their skills to bear on a project, the results are truly impressive.

To learn more about Branch Builds’ projects, the firm’s vision and what sets apart Branch Builds, visit the company’s new website.

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