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Up front: Readers’ two cents

Letters to the editor are my favorite part of magazines and newspapers because they reflect readers’ passions and prompt a look at issues from different perspectives. We love receiving feedback from readers. Several responded to stories in our July issue, including the following:

Ross Annable, who lives in Harrisburg, remarked on contributor Bryan Mims’ “Ready, Set, Stop” story describing Tesla’s challenge to sell cars because of opposition from existing dealers:

I have been an angel investor for the past 20 years. My experience is that North Carolina ranges from neutral to hostile toward entrepreneurship and disruptive alternatives. The state’s tax code of high personal rates, lack of personal capital-gains rates, and the elimination of the investment tax credit all point to a less-than-favorable environment for the investor. The actions of the governor and legislature regarding Tesla and the craft-brewing industry, for example, display protection for large established industries — aka donors — at the expense of alternatives.

David Mills of Durham criticized “Dug In,” which described varying views of the impact of House Bill 2:

I was so disappointed in your piece on HB2. You portray the individuals aligned against HB2 as self-interested political “losers,” out to help their own organizations or help themselves to better jobs. Meanwhile you depict those in support of the law as “standing firm” and “knowing” that “most North Carolina voters don’t worry about protecting transgenders.” How do you know that the House speaker actually “listened to all sides” when the bill was passed in less than one day? It is very disappointing that you would devote space in an otherwise excellent publication to a one-sided description of this critical national issue. And in the future, you should refrain from referring to people as “transgenders,” which functions like the term “illegals” in reducing people to issues.

W. McIver Garrison Jr. of Rocky Mount also had an opinion about the House Bill 2 debate:

After reading your article in the July issue, my consternation continues to deepen that any sane man or woman would dispute the necessity to keep males out of facilities designated for women.

It speaks to the current depraved culture in the United States than sane men and women would be expected to forfeit their right to privacy in order to placate the 0.3% of the population who can’t decide which sex they “identify” with on a given day.

If the CEOs of those businesses or sports organizations, etc., who refuse to locate in N.C. due to HB2 are so ideologically subverted by the political left that they cannot discern either natural law or moral law, our great state is better off without them.

To quote Thomas Paine, “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason … is like administering medicine to the dead.”

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Our July story “Online Guaranty” misspelled the name of CEO Keith Luedeman. We regret the error.

David Mildenberg
David Mildenberg
David Mildenberg is editor of Business North Carolina. Reach him at

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