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Business North Carolina’s online newsletter, DevelopCLT, launched Thursday and I’m thrilled to introduce it to you.

During our planning for this new publication, we met with some of you and learned that people in Charlotte’s commercial real estate market want to hear from others in the industry and we are embracing that concept. We aim to offer up a weekly mix of informative, easy-to-read articles that introduce new concepts, people or viewpoints. We also want to showcase your voices, and will be including guest-written columns from your peers.

Personally, I’m excited to be involved in this effort because after seven years of writing about real estate, I remain fascinated by the people I meet and the deals being done that shape the city. It doesn’t hurt that the Charlotte region is among the nation’s hottest real-estate markets.

I have a journalism graduate degree from Northwestern University, the same alma mater as Business North Carolinaeditor and DevelopCLT contributor David Mildenberg. Both of us have lived in Charlotte for many years. Another contributor, BNC Senior Editor Allison Williams, brings even more Southern cred, with a degree from the University of South Carolina.

We’d love your involvement and feedback. If you are interested in writing a column or know someone or something worthy of a profile, let us know. Thanks for taking the time to give us a look — and look for us in your inbox every Thursday.  Sign up here, where you may read our stories no matter the day.

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