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NC businesswomen making a difference

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Despite the fact that women make up the majority of the country’s population and earn 57% of all undergraduate degrees, they are still less likely to be in leadership positions in most industries than men, according to the Center for American Progress.

There are women across the state doing incredible things, though. From industries such as finance and dental insurance to pharmaceuticals and banking, women are creating real change in their communities and for North Carolina as a whole.

“I really believe our state offers everything you could ever want,” says Vanessa Jenkins, vice president of Preston Development Co.

This is a common thread heard among all six of the awe-inspiring women featured in this section. Whether they were born and raised in North Carolina or consider themselves transplants, they are all committed to doing great work in their businesses and communities because they’re passionate about what they do and where they live, too.

“Everything is here,” says Jean Mathews, president of MakoRx and a Chicago native. “It’s such a great place to live.”

Their passion for the state and the cities they’ve chosen to live in are a driving force in nearly everything they do. They have found ways to give back in an effort to continue to make North Carolina an even better place to live for themselves and their families.

Jamie Vogel, director of sales at Transportation Impact, says through the company’s Impact1 program, she’s able to help the local schools in Emerald Isle where she lives.

“We have a ton of opportunities to volunteer within our local community — which we take advantage of all the time — and we have a certain number of hours a year to do that on company time,” Vogel says. “That was really important to me when I came to work here.”

Elaine Loyack, vice president of community engagement and government relations at Delta Dental, also finds ways to make a difference in the community through her work at the dental insurance nonprofit.

“We’re improving lives,” she says through tears. “Sorry, it chokes me up. Especially for those who can’t afford it.”

Their dedication to their work and commitment to making a tangible difference in people’s lives has resulted in many staying in the same industry or company for decades, like Faye Sprye. She serves as a financial adviser and a first vice president-investments at Davenport and Co. and has been in the financial industry in North Carolina for 34 years and at Davenport and Co. for 19. Her longtime commitment to her work and hometown, Rocky Mount, has allowed her to be a constant rock for her clients and continue to work in her community.

“I think when you’re happy in your work environment and passionate about helping clients achieve their goals and trying to make a difference, you achieve great results,” Sprye says.

Sharon Moe, downtown market president of North State Bank in Raleigh, feels similarly. She’s been with the bank since 2008, giving her an opportunity to see her clients grow due to the work she’s done. She’s been in Raleigh for just as long and has no plans to leave the area she’s fallen in love with.

“This is home,” Moe says.

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Jean Mathews


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Faye Sprye

Davenport & Company LLC
first vice president-investments

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Sharon Moe

North State Bank
downtown market president

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