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NC 100 top Private Companies

How the list was done
By Frank Maley

Participation in the annual ranking of private companies is voluntary and has been since the list started in 1984. Grant Thornton LLP compiles it by sending surveys — more than 2,000 this year — to closely held companies based in North Carolina. The contact list is updated annually with the help of the accounting firm’s national research team. Companies are ranked on revenue in the most recent fiscal year. Businesses that aren’t eligible include subsidiaries, nonprofits, financial-service companies, hospitals, and companies with publicly traded stock. Foreign ownership is OK as long as at least 50% is in-state; so is ownership by private equity. To be placed on next year’s contact list, call Mar Dee Baker at 704-632-3530 or e-mail


For a copy of the Grant Thornton North Carolina 100 list of the top private companies for 2010, go to

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