Thursday, June 1, 2023

N.C. Department of Revenue announces expanded tax relief

Secretary of Revenue Ronald G. Perry announced Tuesday that the North Carolina Department of Revenue will not impose penalties for late filing or payments of several tax types, including sales and use and withholding taxes, through July 15. It will also waive penalties for failure to obtain a license, failure to file a return, or failure to pay a tax that is due on March 15 through July 15.

The tax types included in the late-action penalty relief are withholding tax, sales and use tax, scrap tire disposal tax, white goods disposal tax, motor vehicle lease and subscription tax, solid waste disposal tax, 911 service charge for prepaid telecommunications services, dry-cleaning solvent tax, primary forest products tax, freight care line companies, and various taxes administered by the excise tax division.

“These measures will come as welcome tax relief for individuals and businesses across North Carolina,” Penny said in a press release. “We are providing the maximum flexibility under existing state law.”

Read the “fine print” on the expanded tax relief here.

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