Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Mailbag: Feedback to our new Daily Digest

It’s a week and counting since we launched our new Daily Digest. We asked for reader comments — you responded. 

“I really enjoy your magazine and the Daily Digest. You and your associates are doing a great job keeping everyone up to date on new happenings in our state.”
Jimmy Jones

“I enjoy and appreciate this Digest.  Thanks for doing it.”
– Dr. James W. Kleckley

“This is a really great news source to receive each day. I read every email even if I am on vacation and come back to a week’s worth.”
– Mary Elliott

“This comes off as a political opinion of the editor … disturbing because it’s an email chain that was, as far as I can tell – at all times in the past up until today – purely about business and didn’t mix opinion or politics with it. That’s why I like it, I don’t have to turn on my opinion filter like I do with 95% of the rest of the news.”
-Dr. James Pearson

“Harder to read and not as attention-grabbing. I actually liked the old format just fine.”
-Kristy Wilson

“I do not use those social media. I would prefer that you not put your own editorials first.”
-David Shaffner

“Just a note to say all hats off to your daily eNews team. Your design, content and frequency are right on. Very usable. Coach us!”
-Pat Mason

-Carl Webb

“Shadow of the bear (Google it), Ronnie’s County Store in downtown WS, Super G in Greensboro, the town of Badin [are must-sees in N.C.]!
-Ken Otterbourg

“Morning! I enjoy reading and staying attuned to business in our state with the help of your newsletter.”
-Shawn D. Hamilton

“Your previous format was better than the present.”
-Herman Stancill

‘We at BNC hope you’re enjoying the changes to Daily Digest.’
Rest assured that we are.
-Thomas Harmon

Allison Williams
Allison Williams
Allison Williams is senior editor of Business North Carolina. You can reach her at

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