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Legal Elite – Young Guns 2013


GEORGE MASON OLIVER, Oliver Friesen Cheek PLLC, New Bern

""I served as undergraduate attorney general when I was a senior at UNC Chapel Hill. The attorney general enforces the Honor Code and decides whether students are charged with a violation. The system is completely student-run, and I had a staff of prosecutors and defense counsels. I managed the staff and also prosecuted cases. I was on the attorney general’s staff my sophomore and junior years and represented many students charged with Honor Code violations. Also, I was a founding member of a salsa-merengue band in my senior year and in law school.

Vita: Born Sept. 3, 1974, in Jacksonville, Fla.; bachelor’s and law degree from UNC Chapel Hill; wife and three children.
What he’d be if not a lawyer: A writer or a behavioral economist — or maybe a musician.
Why he chose to specialize in this field: I represent people and businesses that have to file bankruptcy — I do not represent creditors. Most of my clients file Chapter 11, which allows them to reorganize and stay in business. I enjoy doing this because it helps keep small businesses open and helps keep jobs in eastern North Carolina — my home.
Passions: Coaching kids (soccer and basketball), banjo, screenwriting, travel and spending time with my wife and babies.
Hero: My grandfather, Charles Mason, who taught me how to behave and respect others.
Recent reading: Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions by Dan Ariely.
Don’t ask him to: Take work-related phone calls at home or on the weekends.

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George Mason Oliver, Oliver Friesen Cheek PLLC, New Bern;
Norris A. Adams II, Essex Richards PA, Charlotte;
Ramsay Tyler Archie, White & Allen PA, New Bern;
Neil S. Bagchi, Bagchi Law PLLC, Chapel Hill;
Evan M. Bass, Moore & Van Allen PLLC, Charlotte;
David Baxter Jr., Sumrell, Sugg, Carmichael, Hicks & Hart PA, New Bern;
Steven Allen Bimbo, Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick LLP, Charlotte;
Timothy Bradley, Coats & Bennett PLLC, Cary;
Ashley K. Brathwaite, Ellis & Winters LLP, Cary;
Joshua D. Bryant, Smith, Anderson, Blount, Dorsett, Mitchell & Jernigan LLP, Raleigh;
Carrie Buell, Gailor, Wallis & Hunt PLL C, Raleigh;
Jon P. Carroll, James, McElroy & Diehl PA, Charlotte;
Matthew A. Cordell, Ward and Smith PA, New Bern;
Clara R. Cottrell, Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP, Greensboro;
T. Matthew Creech, Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP, Greensboro;
Eric David, Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP, Raleigh;
Andrew L. Fitzgerald, Strauch Fitzgerald & Green PC, Winston-Salem;
Amy Foxhall, Dozier, Miller, Pollard & Murphy LLP, Charlotte;
Garland G. Graham, Schell Bray PLLC, Greensboro;
Stephanie E. Greer Fulcher, K&L Gates LLP, Charlotte;
J. Douglas Grimes, Hedrick Gardner Kincheloe & Garofalo LLP, Charlotte;
Monica R. Guy, Bell, Davis & Pitt PA, Winston-Salem;
Harrison M. Hall, Purrington Moody Well LLP, Greensboro;
Scott C. Harris, Whitfield Bryson & Mason, LLP, Raleigh;
Andrew T. Heath, Hedrick Gardner Kincheloe & Garofalo LLP, Wilmington;
David Hillman, Ellis & Winters LL P, Cary;
Justin D. Howard, McGuireWoods LLP, Raleigh;
Jason B. James, Poyner Spruill LL P, Charlotte;
Mark N. Kerkhoff, Law Office of Mark N. Kerkhoff PLLC, Charlotte;
Robert Charles Lawson, Williams Mullen, Raleigh;
Matthew Nis Leerberg, Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP, Raleigh;
Dennis L. Martin Jr., Roberts & Stevens PA, Asheville;
Daniel Merlin, Johnston, Allison & Hord PA, Charlotte;
Jason Andrew Miller, Miller Law PLLC, Raleigh;
Lauren T. Millovitsch, Blanco Tackaberry & Matamoros PA, Mooresville;
Leslie L. Mize, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP, Raleigh;
John M. Moye, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, Raleigh;
Christian L. Perrin, Christian L. Perrin PLLC, Charlotte;
Melody C. Ray-Welborn, Graebe Hanna & Sullivan PLLC, Raleigh;
J. Neal Robbins, Neal Robbins PLLC, Winston-Salem;
Heidi E. Royal, Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson PA, Charlotte;
Stuart H. Russell, Wilson Helms & Cartledge LLP, Winston-Salem;
Edward S. Schenk III, Teague Campbell Dennis & Gorham LLP, Raleigh;
William M. Starr, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP, Charlotte;
J. Christian Stevenson, Kirk Palmer & Thigpen PA, Charlotte;
Andrew W.J. Tarr, Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson PA, Charlotte;
Samuel G. “Bo” Thompson, Yates, McLamb & Weyher LLP, Raleigh;
Suzanne R. Walker, Yates, McLamb & Weyher LLP, Raleigh;
R. Michael Wells Jr., Wells Jenkins Lucas & Jenkins PLLC, Winston-Salem;
Alicia Jurney Whitlock, Smith Debnam Narron Drake Saintsing & Myers LLP, Raleigh.

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