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Legal Elite – Real Estate 2013


ROBERT CHARLES LAWSON, Williams Mullen, Raleigh

""During my four years at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Va., I was surrounded by first-class professors, a great academic curriculum and a highly intelligent student body. Entering as a first-year student, I knew that I wanted to attend law school after college. I decided to double major in economics and history, which allowed me to enhance my analytical ability, improve my writing skills and become more persuasive. During my four years at Mr. Jefferson’s university, I further learned about honor and integrity, developed a strong work ethic and interacted with a diverse group of people. Each of these skills helped prepare me to become a good attorney.

Vita: Born Oct. 4, 1976, in Greensboro; bachelor’s degree from University of Virginia, law degree and MBA from Wake Forest University.
What he’d be if not a lawyer: I would be a real-estate developer or commercial real-estate broker.
Why he chose to specialize in this field: I followed in the footsteps of my mentor, Robin Pipkin, at my first law firm, who practiced in commercial real-estate law.
Passions: University of Virginia football and basketball.
Favorite place: Raleigh and Munich, Germany.
Recent reading: Webster’s Real Estate Law in North Carolina (of course).
Don’t ask him to:
Eat broccoli or mushrooms.

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Robert Charles Lawson, Williams Mullen, Raleigh;
Derek J. Allen, Ward and Smith PA, Asheville;
Charles N. Anderson Jr., Ellis & Winters LLP, Cary;
Jonathan W. Anderson, The Law Office of Jonathan W. Anderson PLLC, Raleigh;
William P. Aycock II, Aycock & Aycock PLLC, Greensboro;
Francis C. Bagbey, Smith, Anderson, Blount, Dorsett, Mitchell & Jernigan LLP, Raleigh;
Leigh Coughnour Bagley, Bell, Davis & Pitt PA, Winston-Salem;
Susan S. Barbour, McGuire, Wood & Bissette PA, Asheville;
Evan M. Bass, Moore & Van Allen PLLC, Charlotte;
Steven K. Bell, Steven K. Bell, Attorney at Law PC, New Bern;
Jeffrey A. Benson, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, Raleigh;
Kenneth R. Benton, Baucom, Claytor, Benton, Morgan & Wood PA, Charlotte;
Brian K. Bokor, Alston & Bird LLP, Charlotte;
Robert G. Brinkley, McGuireWoods LLP, Charlotte;
Annika M. Brock, McGuire, Wood & Bissette PA, Asheville;
Brian W. Byrd, Smith Moore Leatherwood LL P, Greensboro;
Allison R. Cayton, Manning, Fulton & Skinner PA, Raleigh;
Barbara R. Christy, Schell Bray PLL C, Greensboro;
Thomas T. Crumpler, Allman Spry Leggett & Crumpler PA, Winston-Salem;
W. Thurston Debnam Jr., Smith Debnam Narron Drake Saintsing & Myers LLP, Raleigh;
David R. Dorton, Williams Mullen, Raleigh;
Garth K. Dunklin, Wishart, Norris, Henninger & Pittman PA, Charlotte;
Paul H. “Woody” Efird III, Horack, Talley, Pharr & Lowndes PA, Charlotte;
Cynthia W. Eller, The Van Winkle Law Firm, Asheville;
Alan E. Ferguson, The Firm at Fisher Park, Greensboro;
David R. Fricke, Poyner Spruill LLP, Raleigh;
Steven I. Goldstein, Patla, Straus, Robinson & Moore PA, Asheville;
George F. Goosmann IV, Goosmann & Rose PA, Asheville;
Arey W. Grady, Sumrell, Sugg, Carmichael, Hicks & Hart PA, New Bern;
Louis Gregory, Atmos Energy Corp., Charlotte;
Brett T. Hanna, Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP, Raleigh;
Elizabeth R. Harrison, Elizabeth R. Harrison, Attorney at Law PC, Raleigh;
Mark S. Hartman, Davis Hartman Wright PLLC, New Bern;
David Hillman, Ellis & Winters LLP, Cary;
George E. Hollodick, Blanco Tackaberry & Matamoros PA, Winston-Salem;
Daniel Huffenus, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, Charlotte;
Susan K. Irvin, Davidson;
Jeffrey J. Johnson, Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP, Raleigh;
Gary K. Joyner, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, Raleigh;
Michael F. King, K&L Gates LLP, Raleigh;
R. Bruce Laney, Wyatt Early Harris Wheeler LLP, High Point;
Michael V. Lee, Lee Law Firm PLLC, Wilmington;
John C. Livingston, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, Raleigh;
William A. Mann, Ragsdale Liggett PLLC, Raleigh;
David G. Martin, Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP, Wilmington;
William C. Matthews Jr., Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice PLLC, Raleigh;
Ralph R. McMillan, McMillan & Terry PA, Charlotte;
Brent M. Milgrom Jr., Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP, Charlotte;
Janeen Miller-Hogue, The Miller-Hogue Law Firm, Charlotte;
Richard W. Moore, Moore & Alphin PLLC, Raleigh;
David J. Neill, Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP, Raleigh;
J. Christopher Oates, Moore & Van Allen PLLC, Charlotte;
Jason M. Peltz, Peltz Law Firm PLLC, Asheville;
James K. Pendergrass Jr., Pendergrass Law Firm PLLC, Raleigh;
C.H. Pope Jr., Ward and Smith PA, New Bern;
Robert W. Porter, Kangur & Porter LLP, Winston-Salem;
Tonya B. Powell, Shanahan Law Group PLLC, Raleigh;
David T. Pryzwansky, The Pryzwansky Law Firm, Raleigh;
Robert J. Ramseur Jr., Ragsdale Liggett PLLC, Raleigh;
Lacy H. Reaves, Smith, Anderson, Blount, Dorsett, Mitchell & Jernigan LLP, Raleigh;
L. Holden Reaves, Reaves Law PLLC, Fayetteville;
S. Leigh Rodenbough IV, Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP, Greensboro;
Ronald R. Rogers, Williams Mullen, Raleigh;
Cathy M. Rudisill, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP, Raleigh;
Eric R. Spence, Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP, Raleigh;
Gary W. Swindell, The Law Offices of Swindell & Jones, Charlotte;
Thomas E. Terrell Jr., Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP, Greensboro;
Eric A. Vernon, Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP, Raleigh;
Elizabeth W. Voltz, Weatherspoon & Voltz LLP, Raleigh;
Donald M. VonCannon, Allman Spry Leggett & Crumpler PA, Winston-Salem;
E. Garrett Walker, Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP, Greensboro;
Thomas M. Ward, Harris, Creech, Ward & Blackerby PA, New Bern;
William H. Weatherspoon Jr., Weatherspoon & Voltz LLP, Raleigh;
Katherine B. Wilkerson, Lynch & Eatman LLP, Raleigh;
Michael G. Winters, Ellis & Winters LLP, Raleigh;
Matt York, Wall Esleeck Babcock LLP, Winston-Salem.

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