Legal Elite 2021: Creative Quarantine

 In January 2021

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Home became a much more important place amid the 2020 pandemic for everyone, including the N.C. legal community. Statewide restrictions limited access to courthouses and office buildings for lengthy periods, prompting lawyers to shift their working environment to kitchens, dining rooms and home offices. Change inevitably sparks creativity, so we asked the category winners of Business North Carolina’s Legal Elite to describe a pastime or activity they picked up during their quarantine period. The lawyers submitted snapshots of their newfound interests, which ranged from cooking to mountain biking to fishing to volunteering.

This marks the 20th Legal Elite class. Each year, BNC has invited active members of the N.C. State Bar to vote for their most-esteemed peers. Attorneys can’t vote for themselves or for members of the Legal Elite Hall of Fame — previous top vote-getters in a particular specialty. Votes for lawyers from another firm are weighted more heavily than votes for one’s colleague at the same firm. This year, 982 lawyers were selected as Legal Elite, which represents fewer than 4% of the state’s 28,000 active attorneys. Hall of Fame members are listed by their firm at the time of selection unless otherwise requested.

Thank you for all who have made the Legal Elite a success for two decades. View this year's list and download the full PDF below.

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Legal Elite 2021: Creative Quarantine
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