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Charlotte’s Driven Brands accelerates push for leadership in U.S. auto service

No auto-service business paints, washes, repairs or changes the oil for as many vehicles as Charlotte’s Driven Brands. The Take 5 Oil Change at the...

Financial 50: Many N.C banks and credit unions scored record profit in 2022

The stars aligned for bank and credit union profits last year, contributing to a record year for many institutions. Business North Carolina’s annual list of...

Leaders of North Carolina’s logistics industry discuss their work amid unprecedented challenges

Some students who walked across the stage in May to receive degrees at N.C. Central University in Durham and Fayetteville State University wound up...

North Carolina’s most important Civil War battlefield shifts with the times

Colby Stevens, the 37-year-old site manager of the Bentonville Battlefield in eastern North Carolina, sits in his office on a hot May afternoon. A...
up front with Business North Carolina

Up front: Teach your children

Whether it’s an apprenticeship program at Siemens Energy or providing laptops to students along with training from Lenovo, there are a lot of great things happening around the state. Teachers need this more than ever.
Rebecca Bottorff from Bandwith

NC trend: Bandwidth’s HR chief shares honky-tonk lessons

A Bandwith executive's HR leadership style strikes a different tone.
NCTribune Header

NC trend: What you missed from the N.C. Tribune

N.C. Tribune is our paid daily newsletter that provides interviews with key lawmakers and political leaders, along with stories on election news and campaign finance. Here’s some of what you missed.
Rebecca Williams, Blanket Town

NC trend: Filmmaker captures story of a long-defunct blanket-making empire

Filmmaker Rebecca Williams captures the essence of a famous Tar Heel business.
Dale Halton

Pillars of NC: Dale Halton, the Charlotte trailblazer put the fizz back in her...

Dale Halton, a pioneering CEO, helped put the fizz back in a struggling family business.

Health care: Women and children, complete care

••• SPONSORED SECTION ••• North Carolina health care providers are improving the lives of women...
Cleghorn Golf and Sports

NC trend: Equestrian investors take a shot at reviving a Foothills golf course

Equestrian investors are restoring a foothills-area golf-course development with a rugged 50-year history.

Emerging trends in institutional social responsibility

••• SPONSORED SECTION ••• This is the nineteenth in a series of informative monthly articles...
Downtown Sanford

Community close up: Lee County, looking inward, seeing ahead

••• SPONSORED SECTION ••• Lee County is developing its offerings, making it attractive to new...
business and education round table

Round table: Business & education, back to the books

••• SPONSORED SECTION ••• It wasn’t that long ago that workers did the same job...

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