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Jamie Vogel, Transportation Impact

Jamie Vogel

Transportation Impact
Director of Sales


Jamie Vogel
[/media-credit] Jamie Vogel

Jamie Vogel has lived in eastern North Carolina most of her life, so she was thrilled when a new career opportunity allowed her to increase her community involvement and still help businesses across the nation.

That was two-and-a-half years ago, when she became director of sales with Transportation Impact. She leads 3 teams: the outside sales team, the partner and channel sales team and the client retention team. She does everything from hiring, conducting trainings, make sales calls and generally grow the company.

Transportation Impact saves businesses throughout the U.S. money by finding cheaper shipping options for them. The company made $40 million in revenue in 2018, according to its website, which is generated from
a percentage of client savings, not fees they charge.

“We’re helping companies all across the country add to their profits or operating income. There are times where we’ll be helping a large, publicly traded organization with reducing their costs,” Vogel says. “But we’re also working with companies that are family owned, and the work we do contributes to their personal finances, which can lead to someone getting a raise, paying for dance lessons or going on vacation.”

This is just one of the aspects of her job that makes her passionate. In addition helping small businesses save money, she’s also able to volunteer more than in past positions. In particular, Vogel is passionate about the local school district where her two sons attend. Croatan High School’s athletic program was in need of new equipment, and Vogel led the charge on donating some equipment through the IMPACT1 program for the high school in Newport in Carteret County, and she helped Broad Creek Middle School which was in need of a library makeover.

IMPACT1 is Transportation Impact’s pledge to donate 1% of goodwill service, 1% of employee time and 1% of company profit to the community.

“We have a ton of opportunities to volunteer within our local community which we take advantage of all the time, and we have 20 hours a year to do that on company time,” Vogel says. “That was really important to me when I came to work here.”

Vogel always knew she wanted to raise her own family in her home area, having been raised by her father, who was a marine at Camp Lejeune.

“What better place than Emerald Isle,” she says. “Its a great place to raise a family and we get to put our toes in the sand a couple times a week.”


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