Thursday, May 30, 2024

Gastonia hospital completes $130 million expansion

CaroMont Health completed a $130 million expansion at its CaroMont Regional Medical Center, which hospital officials say will improve patient experience and overall care for those deemed most critically ill.

The hospital added four floors, each containing 26 rooms, to its South Tower. The sixth floor will be a cardiovascular intensive care unit, the fifth floor a surgical intensive care unit and the fourth floor an intermediate medical care or step-down unit that specializes in the care of unstable patients in need of continuous observation. One floor is for future development.

CaroMont Health completed a $130 million expansion at its main hospital in Gastonia.

Construction began in October 2020 and its completion comes as the hospital marks its 50th year in its current location. The expansion increased the total number of beds at CaroMont Regional Medical Center from 435 to 476, as some units in the hospital’s main tower were closed with the expansion.

Because some units were closed, the hospital will not need immediate additional staffing, but does expect to add 50 positions over the next year. The four additional floors added 176,811 square feet of space.

CaroMont Health announced the expansion on its main campus in 2019 as part of a $350 million capital investment in Gaston County, which included a 66-bed hospital now under construction in Belmont and visible from Interstate 85. The Belmont hospital, which will be 265,000 square feet and five floors, is expected to open in mid-2024.

Patient experience

The private rooms contain 320 square feet of space, and are considerably bigger than the older rooms at the hospital. The new rooms have improved lighting and large windows, which will allow for customizable lighting. The rooms will have accessible restrooms with an open shower. Rooms were built to minimize noise.

Nursing and care team stations will have “line-of-sight views” of patient rooms, and shared documentation stations. In-room digital displays will help medical staff communication and decision-making, according to hospital staff.

Each floor also includes separate lounge areas for families and staff.

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