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Family-owned Business: Drucker + Falk of Raleigh

NC Portraits: Family-owned Business

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From the left: David Falk, Managing Director; Kellie Falk, Managing Director; Wendy Drucker, Managing Director

Drucker + Falk

7200 Creedmoor Road, Suite 300
Raleigh, NC 27613
919-846 7300

Longtime friends Emanuel E. Falk and A. Louis Drucker first founded Drucker + Falk 81 years ago with $200, a single typewriter and one part-time employee. Today, their grandchildren are still running the real estate company, which oversees the management of 35,000 apartments located in 10 states, spanning the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Midwest.

Headquartered in Newport News, Virginia, Drucker + Falk’s Managing Directors are Kellie Falk, her brother David Falk and Wendy Drucker. The company is a major player in North Carolina, managing 15,000 apartments throughout the state.

Drucker + Falk provides real estate management services, particularly multifamily communities. These services include managing the entire operation of the property including leasing, collecting rent and doing maintenance.

Kellie Falk believes the reason the business has succeeded over the years is its commitment to maintaining personal relationships with clients, maintaining a family atmosphere for their 1,000 employees and treating apartments as if they were their own.

“The clients can call us directly and we know what their issues are and can get to them pretty quickly,” Falk says. “We kind of still have that hands-on approach, and I think that’s because we’re a family owned business.”

In March the business added a large portfolio of apartments in Columbus, Ohio, becoming the 10th state in which they work.

In addition to the multifamily communities, Drucker + Falk also manages more than 3 million square feet of office, retail and industrial space.

“We succeed by building upon the best in class services which we have learned from generations of employees,” says David Falk. “We are fortunate to have many long-term dedicated employees that have shared their professionalism and expertise.”

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