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Developing collaboratives help close skills gaps and increase qualified talent

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The NC Chamber, the state’s largest, broad-based business advocacy organization, hears several common themes from North Carolina’s employers. Businesses seek better ways to move workers through training pathways. Education programs are not always aligned with open jobs. There is an inadequate network of social supports, such as childcare and housing, for helping individuals transition into higher-wage careers.

To truly tackle talent-supply shortages statewide, businesses need employer-led strategies and data-driven action. Anecdotal information only goes so far when it comes to identifying and applying sustainable solutions. In response to these challenges, the NC Chamber Foundation champions a program that advances collaboration among employers within a specific industry and region.

The Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) method calls on employers to join forces in determining which in-demand skills clearly define their workforce pain points and priorities. Rather than compete for talent, these employers collaborate to achieve short- and long-term solutions for their labor force needs.

TPM Academy graduates are employers, education providers, local chambers, business associations, and economic development groups who share common goals: to ensure North Carolinians have the right skills for rewarding jobs and employers have access to a talent pool of qualified workers statewide.

The TPM strategy provides a detailed, flexible framework, placing the business voice in the center and utilizing supply-chain principles to improve talent pipelines in specific industries. Each employer’s position is to define the labor force priorities. Examining data and industry insight, the employers then collaborate with local education providers and other partners to review existing programs and recommend new ones, if needed, for closing skill gaps.

Read participant success stories and learn how to become a TPM participant here.

Ben Kinney
Ben Kinney
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