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Asheville-based PLI Holdings is laying off 51

Asheville-based PLI Holdings, which makes hotel key cards for customers around the world, is laying off 51 workers, according to a filing with the North Carolina Department of Commerce.

The company said in a letter to the state that the layoffs began on June 6 and would be permanent. The employees worked at two locations in Asheville in the Sweeten Creek Industrial Park.

The company started in 1988 when W.C. Noonan started Plasticard Products, selling key cards to the hotel industry out of his basement in Arden. It now makes cards for customers in the casino and cruise line industries as well.

Plasticard-Locktec, today known widely as PLI, formed in 2000 as a result of a merger between Plasticard Products and Locktech.

PLI has expanded over the years – with the addition of international distribution centers and acquisitions of LOC International in 2011, the Las Vegas assets of CPI in 2015, PSA in 2016, and Harvard Card Systems in 2018.

Chris Roush
Chris Roush
Chris Roush is executive editor of Business North Carolina. He can be reached at

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