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2019 Trailblazers

Trailbalzers recognizes enterprising business owners and professionals under the age of 40 who operate in N.C. cities and towns that have fewer than 100,000 residents.

The sporting life: 20 influential N.C. athletics executives

Sports are a pillar of North Carolina’s economy and culture. Ranging from youth leagues to the professional level, sports fuel rivalries, fill hotels and restaurants, and become centerpieces of development projects across the state.

Pillars of North Carolina: Sheila Ogle’s pioneering career

How a former assistant to Jesse Helms became a pioneering small-business owner.


AR workshop, Adria Ruff and Maureen Anders

How a startup crafts business expanded to 31 states in three years

Two artsy women build a business showing DIy’ers how to create classy home decor.
Tobacco Tariffs

Tariffs hit tobacco growers hard

Chinese purchasing of N.C. leaf has evaporated, sending growers’ hopes up in smoke.

Retiring ag-industry promoter also leaving a $1 billion side gig

The longtime spokesman for North Carolina’s farming interests also oversees an insurance enterprise with a vast statewide reach.

The mystery of college attendance stats

Attendance reports at North Carolina’s biggest college football stadiums are often exaggerated.
Niki and Ritika Shamdasani, Sani Designs

Sani provides Indian styled clothing

Dissatisfied with existing options, two enterprising Fayetteville sisters create dresses that meld Indian and American tastes.
Renderomg og Avid Xchange corporate gheadquarters expansion Sept 19

AvidXchange keeps on growing

The automated-payments software developer plans another Queen City expansion as it cuts a deal with SAP.

Opinion: N.C. business leader says tight credit is blocking entrepreneurship

An N.C. business leader worries about a missing spark of entrepreneurship.
Oak Ridge Military Academy

Oak Ridge is tied up in traffic

Oak Ridge’s dream of creating a “village feel” is tied up in traffic.

2019 Law Journal

2019 Law Journal: Business North Carolina has asked legal experts to weigh in on some of the most pressing issues affecting business owners today.
Mission Health

Health effects of office ergonomics

Office ergonomics can have a huge impact on employees’ health and wellness.
Pince Charles Hotel in Fayetteville

Fayetteville puts on a fresh face

Fayetteville’s rebranding effort seeks to create a cohesive narrative for the diverse area.