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March 2011

The nurse who calls the shots

At dawn, they will come with the gurney, the door will slowly open, and light from the hallway will stream in.

The heart of health care

This, our annual look at the state’s best hospitals, has always been a popular issue with both readers and advertisers, which is not surprising considering health care’s importance not only as a business but its impact as an industry on the overall economy.

Regional Report Western March 2011


When federal regulators closed Bank of Asheville in January and brokered its sale to Troy-based First Bancorp, 18 months had passed since North Carolina’s last bank failure.

Regional Report Triangle March 2011


They describe it as a medical mall, but when UNC Health Care System and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Inc. launch an unusual Triangle-based partnership late this year, the reality is, they’re trying to get a head start in the race for health-care reform in North Carolina.

Regional Report Triad March 2011

As host to 21 Atlantic Coast Conference men’s basketball tournaments, the Greensboro Coliseum Complex has often resounded with the clash of titans.

Regional Report Eastern March 2011


In January, 146 years after the fall of Fort Fisher — the earth-and-sand citadel the Confederacy had hoped would keep open its last, vital seaport at Wilmington — reenactors manned their cannon.

Regional Report Charlotte March 2011

It didn’t take long for the glow of Charlotte winning the 2012 Democratic National Convention to give way to sweat over exactly how the city would pull it off.

Let there be lights

Jim Rogers will hand over Duke Energy’s CEO job to Progress Energy CEO Bill Johnson and become executive chairman of the combined company, which will be based in Charlotte.

Bolls, bales and Bismarck

Let’s have some fun and put a financial twist on the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, in which you seek to trace the connections between Point A and Point B in the fewest number of steps.

Bitter medicine’s gag factor

Tom Ross hadn’t been president of the University of North Carolina long before expressing a sobering thought.