Friday, December 1, 2023

2020 Best Employers in North Carolina

The 2020 Best Employer companies

Investment managers saw growth last year

Most investment managers based in North Carolina with more than $1 billion under management reported solid growth last year.

North Carolina banks look solid and steady

After another profitable year with modest growth, the state’s homegrown banks look prepped to withstand an unexpected downturn.


Mark Yusko prepared for tense times

Chapel Hill money manager Mark Yusko warned of an inflated stock market for years. The coronavirus-inspired downturn may make his cautionary view look prophetic.

An insider’s view of PPP from U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry

Patrick McHenry’s influence is rising on a powerful House committee with a big role in rebuilding the economy. But being in the minority is no fun.

Bankers are helping small businesses survive

With Congress supplying the money, N.C. banks moved quickly to aid enterprises whose survival is on the line.

N.C. hospitals facing fiscal challenges amid the pandemic

Mounting losses spurred by pandemic forces difficult choices at Vidant Health and other N.C. hospitals.
Oakkar Oakkar of Keona Health

Keona is positioned to benefit from the switch to remote health care

Chapel Hill’s Keona Health steps up as the coronavirus spurs telehealth usage.

Patels build Sree Hotels into a large Southeast hotel chain

A family with roots in India and Fiji mark their 40th year expanding in the Carolinas hotel industry.
Greg Doucette

Greg Doucette finds the spotlight in Silent Sam flap

Twitter and a sense of indignation propel a Durham lawyer into the spotlight.

NCDOT hits the brakes

Earlier this year, NCDOT said it was delaying hundreds of projects and laying off about 300 temporary and contract employees.

The EDPNC is ready to help restore international trade

The Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina is ready to assist N.C. businesses in restoring or growing international sales.

Ward & Smith: Employers ask, “How do I get my workers back to the...

How to successfully return workers back to the workplace after the economic shutdown due to COVID-19.

Triangle Wealth Advisors retirement planning

Retirement planning is more than just a target savings number

The Carolina Core comes together to win big

Local organizations come together to boost the Carolina Core.