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February 2011

Wring out the old year

G.D. Gearino reviews last year’s news and gives his take on memorable events some folks would just as soon forget.

With hiring on hiatus

Work, it’s been said, saves us from three great evils: boredom, vice and need.

Regional Report Western February 2011

At first glance, Black Mountain-based Ingles Markets Inc. seems to be sitting on top of the world.

Regional Report Triangle February 2011


Larry Sumney says math education in the U.S. is “a disaster,” and that has had dire consequences for the economy and his sector in particular.

Regional Report Triad February 2011

The state’s newest MBA program will teach students how to balance two sets of books — one financial, the other scriptural.

Regional Report Eastern February 2011


For more than two years, Moyock-based Xe Services Inc. has been rattling government officials and economic developers in northeastern North Carolina.

Regional Report Charlotte February 2011


Alcoa Inc. is learning the hard way that e-mails never go away.

Ifs, ands or butts

It would be understandable if Hugh Holliman feels a bit like Barack Obama these days.

Horning into ethical dilemmas

In mid-December, as Christmas 2010 loomed and the values of the season were on full display, The Charlotte Observer intruded upon the happy jingle of the cash register to pose a bona fide spiritual conversation starter.

Do the pieces still fit?

In some ways, Carolina Ingredients Inc. is a petunia in an onion patch, perched in an industrial park next door to a company that distributes nuts and bolts and across the street from a plant that makes rollers for assembly lines.

Dealing with collateral damage

Anyone with even the barest grasp of chaos theory understands that in 2010 North Carolina was the place — not uniquely but certainly prominently — where its effects played out in dramatic fashion.

Believe it

Once again, the Business Handbook issue features our annual ranking of the state’s largest employers.