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April 2011

What’s in a name?

In Romeo and Juliet, his tale of young lovers caught between feuding families, Shakespeare poses that very question, then tries to answer it.

The art of fine swining

Michael Jones fondly remembers his aunts and uncles playing with him on his grandparents’ tenant farm in Whitakers, near Rocky Mount.

Special Section: Golf

For the fifth consecutive spring, the North Carolina Golf Panel is proud to partner with Business North Carolina in publishing rankings of the best golf courses in what we believe is the best state for golf.

Regional Report Western April 2011


When federal regulators closed Bank of Asheville in January and brokered its sale to Troy-based First Bancorp, 18 months had passed since North Carolina’s last bank failure.

Regional Report Triangle April 2011

When accused of a crime you didn’t do, why is being suspended from a prestigious university worth more in damages than rotting in prison?

Regional Report Triad April 2011

Factory-outlet stores are a tradition in Steve Tanger’s family.

Regional Report Eastern April 2011


It’s tough to recruit and retain businesses when your electricity costs are a third higher than the state average, so it’s no wonder that some leaders of 32 Eastern North Carolina municipalities are willing to try what amounts to a Hail Mary pass to reduce them.

Regional Report Charlotte April 2011

Nabeel Hyatt had an idea for a new company — two of them, in fact.

Objecting to trial lawyers

More than any other profession, trial lawyers have been identified with Democrats.

For what it’s worth

Family Dollar Stores Inc. touts low prices for its merchandise, but the business itself isn’t cheap.

Assessing the corporate tax rate

In any reasonable era, a year such as 2011 — which is to say, a moment squarely between national election cycles — ought to be politically muted, a time of respite when the partisan troops rest by their campfires and debate the next day’s tactics.