October 2015


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Upwardly mobile

Part of a statewide construction boom, Camden Southline apartments in Charlotte were built by Samet Corp., which jumped 29 spots on the list. A wave of acquisitions, a more robust economy and the [...]

Born to run

I’ve just spent much of the last two years completing a biography of former Gov. Jim Martin that relates how a Davidson College chemistry professor became an improbable political force in [...]

Juiced up

Tom Burgiss is a funny guy, a spry, witty 84-year-old retired pharmacist and poster boy for the magic of a second business career. When I heard he owned a small mountaintop winery that [...]

Opening up

A clever tradition of some civic groups is to charge members a few bucks every time their names appear in the press, promoting selflessness. Journalists think it’s a nutty idea because [...]

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