November 2015


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Statewide: Teed up

by Jeri Rowe Located just minutes off Interstate 40 in Burlington, where traffic is a distant roar, TS Designs makes a good T-shirt. But not just any kind of T-shirt, and it’s not just any kind [...]

High rise

When Childress Klein Properties Inc. gave $2.5 million to UNC Charlotte’s Center for Real Estate in September, guests attending the check-passing ceremony received a brochure listing the [...]

Swindling seniors

by Edward Martin As the winter nights grew longer, pain replaced the laugh lines that once crinkled his face. They’d been married 53 years, he and Faye, with three grown children and a plain [...]

Good times

There’s so much to love about the fall in North Carolina. The leaves turn. The humidity drops. And don’t even get me started about the sheer joy of casting in the surf at Cape Lookout. But at the [...]

Role tide

Above the din of noontime conversation at the crowded Rolesville Diner, a pair of posters on facing walls articulate what’s on many minds in this once-sleepy farming community 20 miles northeast [...]

Builders’ best

2015 Building North Carolina Awards From the world’s fastest giga coaster to Winston-Salem’s first downtown high-rise in a decade, commercial construction is back. The second annual [...]

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