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We do what nobody else does – cover one very special place, this state, and its economy, which is as diverse as the people who call it home. We produce quality, in-depth journalism, digging behind the news, delivering what we uncover in a manner that, though at times provocative, is always fair, accurate and thorough. Our job at Business North Carolina is to reflect reality and, in doing so, both enlighten and entertain our readers.

What’s so special about Business North Carolina?

Whether it’s in the boardroom or on the factory floor, we seek to show not only trends and events but the human face of commerce. That broad view is reflected in our circulation, which covers the entire state, not just one local market. No other business publication in the state delivers as many qualified business owners and senior-level managers. And while no other business publication in the state has won as many national awards for editorial and design excellence, the real winners are BNC‘s readers and advertisers.

Charlotte/Western N.C.

Sue Graf


Triangle/Eastern N.C.

Melanie Weaver Lynch


Advertising Opportunities


Reach North Carolina’s decisionmakers with one buy.

Our broad editorial view is reflected in our circulation, which covers the entire state, not just one market. We are the only statewide business publication: If you are targeting qualified business owners and senior-level managers in North Carolina, BNC delivers.

Total distribution: 29,755
Average readers per copy: 3.5
Total readership: 104,143

Regionally-focused reports and industry specific articles provide advertising opportunities. Click here for our current issues. Contact your representative for sales information.

Ad Sizes:



Full Page (non bleed) 7 X 10
Full Page (bleed) 8.375 X 11.125
will be trimmed to: 8.125 X 10.875
2/3 Page 4.625 X 10
1/2 Page (vertical) 4.625 X 7.25
1/2 Page (horizontal) 7 X 4.875
1/3 Page (vertical) 2.25 X 10
1/3 Page (horizontal) 4.625 X 4.875
All measurements are in inches.

Ad submission requirements:

Printing Process: Web offset, saddle-stitched.

Trim Size: 8-1/8” by 10-7/8”.

Bleed Ads: Keep all live matter 3/8” from trim edges. Full-page bleed ad: 8-3/8” by 11-1/8”, includes 1/8” bleed on all sides. Two-page spread bleed ad: 16-1/2” by 11-1/8”. Contact production department for specialty bleed options.

Required Materials: Digital only.The following formats are accepted:
Macintosh disks with native file formats in InDesign (CS3), QuarkXPressTM 4.0, 5.0 or 6.0, Illustrator (CS3) or Photoshop (CS3) including all support graphics and fonts. All artwork used must be CMYK amd 300 dpi at 100% of the size used in the ad. Please convert all colors to CMYK. Formats accepted include .pdf, .eps, and .tiff. All components must be CMYK, black type must be specified 100% black. All images and graphics must be CMYK and 300 dpi at the 100% of the size used in the ad. Please embed all fonts or, if appropriate, change them to outlines before making a .pdf, .tiff or an .eps file. All PC ads must be submitted as print ready .pdfs or .tiffs. A hard-copy proof must accompany all ad materials.No RGB files will be accepted. No spot or PMS colors may be used in advertising materials. Duotones for two-color ads should be converted to CMYK, black-and-white images should be grayscale. All elements in color ads must be changed to CMYK with the exception of black type, which should be specified at 100% black.When e-mailing materials, fonts and native program files must be stuffed in a folder prior to sending via e-mail.

Material Delivery:
Via e-mail. If ad is 7mb or smaller, e-mail to Moira Johnson, Please include the name and phone number of the person preparing the ad.

With all digital submissions, you must mail a hard-copy proof to:
Business North Carolina Advertising
1230 West Morehead Street, Suite 308
Charlotte, North Carolina 28208

Mac Disk: Send ads on disk to the address above. Macintosh only. Include a hard-copy proof and name/phone number of the person preparing the ad.
Ad materials must go to the Charlotte office.Production Charges: Clients will have production charges quoted on an individual basis.

All advertising requiring BNC production work will be billed gross to advertisers or agencies.

Email Marketing

Daily Digest is a must read for anyone who wants to have an insider’s understanding of North Carolina Business. Target business leaders with Daily Digest. 11,000 emails are sent daily to top executives throughout NC … place your ad directly in the inbox of this affluent demographic.

Inclusion in 140,000 direct emails per month.

Click here to view Daily Digest archives


Sponsored Content Series: Provide elements of sponsored content (native-style articles) per month, professional copywriting included. This can also include video which would appear as an image and upon click through would link to you tube, vimeo, website or wherever the video is housed.

Powerful marketing images seen daily by our readers. Package offers three opportunities to expand market footprint: Company branding within masthead via Presenting Sponsor, Team Profile Sponsored Content, and Sponsored Content Series

• Presenting Sponsor: This will include company branding within masthead and “Powered by… or Driven by…” verbiage.

• Team Profile Sponsored Content: Introduce your team to Daily Digest readers in an editorial voice

• Customized company ads will rotate positions daily between “Presenting Sponsor”, “Team Profile”, or “Sponsored Content Series” giving your company a constant presence.

bnc_web is attracting a growing number of savvy visitors who want to stay informed about North Carolina issues, ideas and people. Only provides coverage of the news from every region in the state, unique web content and a wealth of analysis, in-depth stories, research and information. All from a source that’s been trusted for more than 35 years.



Unique visitors: 17,824
Page views: 30,570

Source: Google Analytics, Jan 1, 2018 – June 30, 2018

Sponsored Content Series: Provide elements of sponsored content (native-style articles) per month, professional copywriting included. This can also include video which would appear as an image and upon click through would link to you tube, vimeo, website or wherever the video is housed.


Business North Carolina hosts a number of focused statewide events throughout the year. Event sponsorship allows consumers and businesses to connect through meaningful real-time interaction. Click on the links below to find out more about our events.


CEO Summit

Mid-Market Fast 40



Business North Carolina’s Circulation Statistics

Total audited distribution: 29,755
Average readers per copy: 3.5
Total readership: 104,143

Sources: December 2017 Circulation Verification Council Publication Audit Report


Subscriber Demographics & Readership

Loyal readers make better prospects

Almost all of BNC subscribers have subscribed to the magazine for three or more years. They’re loyal readers because they know the magazine’s first loyalty is to them. Readers trust what they’re getting will be both valuable and entertaining. And the time they spend with the magazine each month means maximum exposure for your advertising.

As a result of reading Business North Carolina:

69% Regularly read the advertising.
72% Visited the website of an advertiser.

The typical BNC subscriber...

• has subscribed for eight years.
• routes the magazine to two people.
• refers to each issue three different times.
• spends appx. 50 min. reading each issue.
• keeps issue of BNC for an avg. of 3 mos.

have read the last 3 or 4 issues: 95%
have read each of the last 4 issues: 86%
read BNC at home: 62%

Actions speak louder than words

Independent surveys conducted by Raleigh-based Lewis & Clark Research show an average of 3 people read each copy of BNC. Based on audited circulation figures, the magazine has an effective reading audience each month of almost 90,000 key business leaders across North Carolina. And when they see something that appeals to them advertised in the pages of the magazine, they take action.

Subscriber profile

  • Male: 88%
  • Female: 12%





Betweeen the ages of 35-64: 54%
Married: 89%
Millionaires: 46%
Bachelor's or advanced degrees: 85%
Own or co-own their company: 44%

BNC subscriber occupational category:

  • Top Management 44%
  • Middle Management 15%
  • Professional/technical 29%
  • Others in business

BNC education level:

Attended college: 98%
Graduated from a four-year college or university: 85%
Master's degree: 27%
Doctoral degree: 9%
Mechanical Requirements
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