Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Adhera Therapeutics’ CEO, board member leaving

A Durham-based biotech company announced its CEO and a board member are leaving the operation.

Zahed Subhan served as the CEO and board chairman of Adhera Therapeutics since late September of 2022.

Subhan has extensive experience in biopharmaceutical development through co-founding North Carolina biotech companies Aestas Pharma Inc. and Eppin Pharma Inc., among other experiences.

He worked as the company director of Adhera Therapeutics for slightly less than a year before taking the CEO and chairman position.

Adhera Therapeutics board member Trond Waerness resigned from his position at the same time. The company noted that neither Waerness’ nor Subhan’s departure stemmed from disagreement with the company and its operations, policies or practices.

Waerness served on Adhera Therapeutics’ board for nearly three years. Waerness brought experience in pharmaceutical services and consulting to Adhera Therapeutics’ board.

He co-founded eStrat LLC, a pharmaceutical services company that works to cut prescription costs and increase fill rates, and Atna Consulting Services, a consulting firm tailored to pharmaceutical companies.

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