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5 questions for James Patterson

In case you live in a cave and didn’t know, Patterson is a bestselling author who has created many enduring fictional characters and series, including Alex Cross, the Women’s Murder Club, Michael Bennett, Maximum Ride, Middle School and I Funny. Among his notable literary collaborations are The President Is Missing with President Bill Clinton, and the Max Einstein series, produced in partnership with the Albert Einstein Estate. Ahead of his visit to N.C., I asked Patterson about his inspirations, role models and more.

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“How in the world was I able to land this interview?” you may ask. He’s coming to North Carolina in April. Our sister company, The Country Bookshop, is welcoming him to Southern Pines to celebrate his new nonfiction book, The House of Kennedy and ya’ll are invited! Details can be found here.

What do you like best about your job?

“I always tell people that I don’t work for a living – I play. So I don’t really consider writing a job. I love to tell stories.”

What inspires you?

” I don’t need a lot to inspire me. There’s virtually nowhere I can go that I can’t write a story about. On a personal level, I’m inspired by humor and honesty.”

Who is a role model?

“I would say people that are humorous and honest!”

What was your biggest challenge this week?

“Last week, I spoke at the School Hours National Education Conference in Orlando, Fla. to about 2,000 teachers and after-school educators. In my opinion, being a teacher is one of the hardest and most undervalued jobs there is. I wanted to get across to them how much I appreciate what they’re doing day in and day out and ask them not to give up — despite how challenging their work may be!”

Favorite North Carolina vacation spot?

” Asheville – I love it up in the mountains and have friends up there.”

Ben Kinney
Ben Kinney
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