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Marcellino & Tyson PLLC | Charlotte

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Favorite music
Yacht Rock

37; born in Chapel Hill; bachelor’s from UNC Chapel Hill and law degree from University of Richmond; married to wife, Angie, with son, Anders, and two English Springer spaniels, Dixie and Beau.
Why he chose to specialize in this field
I enjoyed trial advocacy classes and competitions in law school and worked for litigation attorneys during the year and summers. I loved the challenge of deconstructing and reconstructing the case from all sides to present a case that people could understand. When Ken Raynor offered me the opportunity to do it full time, I jumped at the chance and have never regretted it.
What he’d be if not a lawyer
I considered pursuing a Ph.D. in history. If I weren’t practicing law, I’d most likely be teaching history.
Best advice received
Leslie Johnson, a great lawyer in eastern North Carolina, told me in law school to never let anyone out-prepare me. He said I could not always control the facts or the law, but I could control my preparations, and that could make all the difference.
Favorite place
Anywhere I can hear natural water. Whether it’s a stream gurgling in the mountains or the waves crashing on the beach, that’s a good place.
Favorite book
I read Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea annually. While a short and easy read, it’s a great story of man’s perseverance, self-reliance and determination.
Favorite movie
I have watched all of the Bond movies numerous times and will re-watch them anytime one is playing or there’s nothing else on (much to my wife’s chagrin), because it’s Bond.
Eating wood-smoked barbecue, fly-fishing, hunting (when I can get away) and cheering for the Heels.
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