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2020 Legal Elite | Family


Barefoot Family Law | Raleigh

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Favorite music
Taylor Swift
(pop artist)

40 (but in the immortal words of Taylor Swift, “I’m feeling 22”); born in Dunn; bachelor’s from UNC Wilmington and law degree from Campbell University.
Why she chose to specialize in this field
In law school, the family-law cases were the most interesting. There is a story — often full of drama — about real people dealing with real life. Then, when you get into practice, you realize those real people with real problems are looking to you for (real) answers. I was fortunate enough to have some of the best mentors in the business. They taught me that family-law practice can be, and actually is, rewarding. There are still a lot of tough days. A lot. But those mentors are a key reason why I stayed.
What she’d be if not a lawyer
Storm chaser.
Best advice received
You don’t have to be the smartest in the room, just try to be the one that works the hardest.
Favorite place
My annual family vacation week to Kanuga in Hendersonville. We’ve gone every year since I was little. It’s my favorite place to unplug, unwind and relax. (And yes — it’s just like the place in Dirty Dancing, sans Patrick Swayze.)
Favorite book
It is a rare day that I am not reading a book (or two). My current favorite (and most recent read) is Michelle Obama’s Becoming. It was a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at her life that felt very honest and real.
Favorite movie
Love Actually: I love a movie with a happy ending. Despite the situations I deal with professionally on a daily basis, I like to believe that “love actually is all around.”
Yoga, reading, travel and my most precious nephew and niece. I’ve recently tried skydiving, and I was VERY passionate about being back on the ground (alive and unbroken).
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