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Williams Mullen | Raleigh

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65; born in Winston-Salem; bachelor’s and law degrees from UNC Chapel Hill; married with a daughter.
Why he chose to specialize in this field
I was the last associate my law firm allowed — or required — to do everything: try a case, draft a will, close a real-estate file, etc. Business controversies turned out to be the area in which I excelled.
What he’d be if not a lawyer
My mother always told me that my first ambition was to be a Greyhound bus driver. In high school, I thought about being a Moravian minister or a professor of history.
Best advice received
“From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required.” — Luke 12:48.
Favorite place
The Kapp family has had a farm in northern Forsyth County since the 1790s. My grandparents worked and lived on the farm. My dad farmed the land, too. I ran wild in the fields and creeks when I was growing up. The land nurtured me. I now own my grandparents’ 1930s bungalow on the farm and treasure it and the land as a retreat.
Current passions
My priorities are my family, my faith and my firm. [My wife] Chancy will tell you, however, that my passion is clearly Christmastime. I love everything about the season, especially assembling our huge nativity scene. We have hundreds of figurines and accessories that reflect our childhoods, our travels and the generosity of friends and family.
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When he was 16…
Favorite book
Animal Farm by George Orwell.
TV show
Star Trek.
The Embers.
Family history and genealogy have always held a fascination for me. Elders from both sides of the family were great sources of stories and traditions, and I spent a lot of time combing through archives and libraries for details.

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