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2018 Legal Elite | Young Guns


Marcellino & Tyson PLLC | Charlotte

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Guilty Pleasure All things Dairy Queen and ice cream. I don’t buy it, because I’ll simply eat it all in one sitting.
Vita 37; born in Winston-Salem; bachelor’s from College of Charleston and law degree from Tulane University; married with two children.
Memorable case I helped an Italian citizen gain custody of his U.S.-born son who was in the custody of his Chinese national mother in China who was threatening the death of the child. Regarding business law, I prevented my client’s employment termination and successfully spring boarded him into the role of president, all in the same day. Pretty exciting.
What he’d be if not a lawyer A professional golfer. If that didn’t work, I’d settle for cart-barn attendant.
Best advice received Be honest and tell the truth no matter the result. If the result is bad, deal with it.
Favorite place Charleston, S.C. If you’ve been, you understand.
Recent reading Start with Why by Simon Sinek. I enjoy reading about all things business.
Favorite TV show College game day, for sure. If that doesn’t count, Mindhunter on Netflix. Psychopaths are scary and fascinating.
Passions My wife, my kids, my family (immediate and extended), my friends, my business/practice, golf and college football. In that order.
Don’t ask him to Attend a wedding during college football season. I’ll still attend, but come on — DVR isn’t the same.
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