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2018 Guide to business: Building a better workplace

Appeared as part of the 2018 Guide to business sponsored section in the November 2018 issue of Business North Carolina

What keeps business leaders awake at night? Talent. Costs. Productivity. Out of 4000+ organizational leaders surveyed this year (Gallagher’s 2018 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey), the top organizational priorities in order are:
• Attracting & retaining talent,
• Managing costs; specifically, healthcare costs which climbed 10% or more at renewal,
• Promoting productivity by having engagement strategies in place.

With market changes and workforce demographic shifts, it is apparent these are the top priorities for any business striving to compete. This year, the unemployment rate hit a low of only 4.1%. While this is great news overall, it also immensely tightens the labor market. For example, Fortune predicts that by the end of 2020, there will be a shortage of 40 million skilled workers but a surplus of 95 million low-skilled workers. The competition to recruit qualified, experienced talent is going to intensify while, at the same time, methods of retaining your existing employees will have to adapt as well. Ultimately, there will be a shift in nature and evolving expectations at work.

Employers at the top of their HR game, will have to get better, and keep getting better. Your better is never finished. When working with employers, our approach is to build a strategy that attracts, retains and engages the right people to meet your goals. How do we do that?

Tailored solutions that align with your business objectives.

Our first step is to work with your executive team to establish a shared understanding of your strategic priorities, because smart business decisions are aligned with your overall organizational vision. You can count on us to provide honest answers and solutions based on your specific goals. A customized risk management and HR program that supports your overall direction requires continuous management to balance sustainability and affordability. With five different demographics in the workplace, there is no longer a one-size fits all approach. A diverse workforce requires a diverse strategy.

An integrated framework that evaluates cost containment and program effectiveness.

Companies that recognize environmental changes know that better performance results in better outcomes. It creates a culture where employees can thrive and perform at a high level; optimizing the annual talent investment and mitigating organizational risks to maximize profitability.

A holistic look at employee wellbeing, beginning with the end in mind.

A growing number of employers realize that the state of human comfort, health and happiness, reflect the whole person, and only by engaging the whole person can they motivate the highest possible productivity. There is an increasing need to address total wellbeing which includes financial, career, and emotional wellbeing. Companies that are now implementing a holistic approach to employee engagement are those who we will see thriving in years to come. They are also those that will become a magnet for employee attraction, retention and wellbeing.

A wide range of services across many different industries.

Our approach combines a staff of experienced domain experts, effective tools, and a client-centric methodology that allows us to efficiently deliver a broad range of services designed to bring about cost-saving outcomes and client satisfaction repeatedly. With nine national industry specializations, we know your challenges. Our experts draw from a deep wealth of knowledge to educate you and your employees about the healthcare reform landscape. There is a lot of information out there. We proactively share what you need to know through tools like personalized training, webinars, workshops, and communication initiatives. We empower you to help your employees understand and engage.

Each day employers are trying to build a better workplace. It is more than just punching a clock. They are working to build a workplace where employees feel they belong, where careers are built, and where they can challenge the status quo. This is what it means to create a better workplace culture. It is about never being content to rest each time you reach your best.

Hill, Chesson & Woody, a Gallagher Company, the largest office in the Southeast, offers full service delivery around all of your risk management and human resources consulting needs. Our firm’s expertise combines local roots with global resources. Complementing our expertise is our integrity. For six years in
a row, from 2012 to 2018, we have been recognized by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies, and hold the distinction as the only insurance broker to receive this designation.

Like you, we strive to be better, having accepted many awards:
• Best Employers in North Carolina by Business North Carolina, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) – N.C. State Council and Best Companies Group
• Triangle Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” (Small & Medium-size Business Categories)
• The Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility
• The Ovation Award for HR Excellence (Annual award presented by Capital Associated Industries, Inc.)
• American Heart Association’s Fit Friendly Company

No more tossing and turning, rely on your expert partners at Hill, Chesson & Woody, a Gallagher Company.

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