Government does not compute

Capital Goods: That the major policy initiative of the Obama administration nearly has been undone by a government website's glitches might come as a shock to many but not to [...]

Setting sites on an auto plant

Capital Goods: Attracting an automaker requires a massive investment in land and infrastructure before the wheeling and dealing can even begin.

Help wanted: jobs creator, a real one

Capital GoodsI read that N.C. State University economist Mike Walden predicts the state’s unemployment rate will drop by 2 percentage points next year.

Road to reform detours into tax cuts

Capital GoodsDespite the attention changes to abortion and election laws brought, the state legislature's Republican majority considers those it made to the [...]

Business changes course on education

Capital GoodsTop business leaders have fewer long-standing ties to North Carolina and public education in the state.

Focus on the homefront

Capital Goods: The Republican-controlled General Assembly clearly sees local government, in general, and city government, in particular, as too big for their britches

Outside perspective

Capital Goods: Just talk of eliminating incentives may have cost the state business, Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker told lawmakers.

Sweepstakes industry pays to play

Capital Goods: By deed if not word, part of the state’s political leadership appears to be whispering to the video-gambling industry, “Don’t go. We really [...]

Regional Report Triad June 2013

Gov. Pat McCrory quickly backed off a proposal to cut the twice-annual High Point Market's state funding.

Regional Report Charlotte June 2013

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx is poised to leave after being named President Obama's secretary of transportation pick.

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