Just how did Gov. McCrory blow his reelection?

Given North Carolina's economic successes since 2012, and the GOP's dominance, Pat McCrory should have won his reelection bid easily. Here's a take on why he didn't.

Charlotte CEOs see sunny 2017, promote civility

Charlotte CEOs see strong economy in 2017 in comments at annual forecast event.

The governor and LendingTree

When Pat McCrory left office after 14 years as mayor of Charlotte, and after he lost the 2008 gubernatorial election to Beverly Perdue, LendingTree CEO Doug Lebda helped lift him up with a board [...]

Setting sites on an auto plant

Capital Goods: Attracting an automaker requires a massive investment in land and infrastructure before the wheeling and dealing can even begin.

The session

Up Front: Taking the long view

Standing pat on the 3 R’s

The governor scores big with roads, rules and job readiness.

Road to reform detours into tax cuts

Capital GoodsDespite the attention changes to abortion and election laws brought, the state legislature's Republican majority considers those it made to the [...]

Now about that new brand

What is it we - and outsiders - think North Carolina is all about?

Call it what it is

Up Front: Republicans now rule state government, and they’re using voter suppression to retain rather than regain power.

Business changes course on education

Capital GoodsTop business leaders have fewer long-standing ties to North Carolina and public education in the state.

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