Triad on fast track to land Toyota-Mazda plant, consultant says

Look for Toyota-Mazda to put their $1.6 billion assembly plant in North Carolina, not Alabama, a site selection consultant says.

Ingles’ discount sale

Ingles Markets, the largest North Carolina-based supermarket chain, has lost a third of its value in the last three months amid concerns of tighter margins and increased competition.

North Carolina gets ready to spend to attract Big Manufacturing

North Carolina lawmakers have authorized the state to provide lucrative incentives to companies promising $4 billion in investment.

N.C. growth over last decade didn’t top the charts, PNC economist says

North Carolina's economy grew by 8.6% over the last decade, a modest rate change compared with other East Coast states.

Five lessons from the HRC’s battle for North Carolina

The Human Rights Campaign, which played a pivotal role in ousting North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory in 2016, held its annual gala in Charlotte.

Working on it

Free & Clear: Both sides arguing about whether or not employment has improved under Obama and McCrory are laboring under a misconception.

The tangled web

Capital Goods: The legislature might be swatting a fly with a sledge hammer if it tries to bring some uniformity to municipal privelege taxes.

Caught in the middle

Capital Goods: A recent report raises questions about how big a role placement agents and influence peddling play in investments of the state employees pension fund.

Wheels of fortune

Free & Clear: Toll roads are one way to relieve congested highways. But to reap rewards, the public-private partnerships that build them should shoulder more risk.

2014 Legal Elite

Before the Law: Top Tar Heel lawyers recall - some fondly, others not nearly as much - the [...]