North Carolina gets ready to spend to attract Big Manufacturing

North Carolina lawmakers have authorized the state to provide lucrative incentives to companies promising $4 billion in investment.

Worldly things

Cover story: Sharon Decker, who left corporate life to be a minister, shepherds the Department of Commerce’s conversion.

Regional Report Eastern June 2013

North Carolina lawmakers are weighing whether to cut incentives to the state's film industry.

Regional Report Western March 2013

President Obama touted manufacturing growth in Asheville, but the region's jobs in the industry are far from their peak.

Regional Report Charlotte August 2012

Duke Energy closed its merger with Progress Energy and hours later made a shocking change at CEO.

States’ bragging rights

Capital Goods: Would a superhighway from Raleigh to Norfolk be a bigger boost to business than building a $4 billion deepwater port in North Carolina?

Regional Report Triad May 2012

Two of the five fastest-growing institutions last year were Premier Commercial Bank and VantageSouth Bank, community banks based in the Triad that experienced asset growth of more than 30%.

Regional Report Triangle December 2011

“When I grew up, tobacco was something you smoked or chewed or dipped.” — Gov. Beverly Perdue at the opening of Medicago USA Inc.’s [...]

Regional Report Western March 2012

Last summer, the N.C. Department of Commerce asked Andrew Tate, president and CEO of Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development, to join Project Fishbowl. So began the state and [...]