Shurtape binds Hickory’s Shuford family

After 137 years working through tumult in the furniture and textile industries, a thriving tape business, Shurtape, binds a Hickory family.

Eden’s tough transition as MillerCoors departs

MillerCoors’ plant closing in Eden raises doubts about rural North Carolina’s promise and unites political rivals in condemning global corporate consolidation.

The $250 million bet on SmartSky mobile service

Led by cellphone industry pioneer Haynes Griffin, SmartSky Networks wants to turn jet cabins into mobile offices.

Tar Heel must sees: Three noted artists, nine fun festivals

North Carolina arts landscape is full of artists and festivals. Here we list a few.

Downtown Raleigh’s edgy twist

In Raleigh not-so-strange bedfellows: lawmakers, tech workers and artists all mingle

How the River Arts District accelerates Asheville’s appeal

How a formerly neglected industrial complex is boosting Asheville’s economy.

Paying it forward: North Carolina’s key arts patrons

A handful of N.C. families have had an outsized impact on the state’s arts communities. Local arts officials cite the most prominent patrons.

Stephen Hill is betting art will transform Kinston

Stephen Hill has an audacious plan for his hometown — nothing less than turning Kinston into the Asheville of the east.

North Carolina’s biggest money managers

Twenty-seven companies based in North Carolina each manage more than $1.5 billion in assets.

North Carolina’s 75 biggest public companies

Financial-services companies excel on Business North Carolina’s annual list of Top 75 public companies.

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