Toyota’s choice hurts, so what’s next for North Carolina?

Toyota-Mazda picked Alabama over North Carolina for a $1.6 billion plant. Consultant John Boyd analyzes the decision.

North Carolina gets ready to spend to attract Big Manufacturing

North Carolina lawmakers have authorized the state to provide lucrative incentives to companies promising $4 billion in investment.

Regional Report Western August 2013

Evendale, Ohio-based GE Aviation says it has developed something that will change the jet-engine industry, and it has chosen Asheville as the place to produce it.

Focus on the homefront

Capital Goods: The Republican-controlled General Assembly clearly sees local government, in general, and city government, in particular, as too big for their britches

Regional Report Eastern July 2013

A study says Interstate 95's North Carolina counties will lose economic output without an improved highway, but residents are balking at proposed tolls.

Outside perspective

Capital Goods: Just talk of eliminating incentives may have cost the state business, Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker told lawmakers.

A place apart

Cover story: Left behind, North Carolina's northeast corner gets a lift from an economic driver across the state line.

Worldly things

Cover story: Sharon Decker, who left corporate life to be a minister, shepherds the Department of Commerce’s conversion.

For job growth, state should think small

Free & Clear: Rather than touting and ignoring rankings of the North Carolina’s business climate, leaders need to think about what really matters: economic performance.

States’ bragging rights

Capital Goods: Would a superhighway from Raleigh to Norfolk be a bigger boost to business than building a $4 billion deepwater port in North Carolina?

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