Endowments rebound, but will tax law stymie future gains?

Higher-education endowments posted an average 12.2% return in the latest fiscal year, a new study shows, with many North Carolina colleges and universities reporting double-digit gains.

Snapchat’s Carolina-born founder got $158 million; company is worth $30 billion

If your stockbroker didn’t get you any Snapchat shares last week at the initial offering price of $17 — shares of parent company Snap Inc. shot up to $27 after two days of trading — don’t feel [...]

Regional Report Triangle June 2013

Cary-based nonprofit EntreDot Enterprises helps entrepreneurs connect the dots and learn how to make their businesses a success.

Regional Report Triangle January 2012

Rachel Weeks, 27, did something radical last year. The CEO of Durham-based School House Inc., which makes high-end college apparel, moved manufacturing from Sri Lanka to North Carolina — [...]

Out on your own

Cover story: A software CEO evangelizes entrepreneurship, preaching to prisoners that the way to be free is to start your own business.

Regional Report Triad March 2012

Beginning this year, state law mandates that public utilities generate a portion of their power with swine and poultry waste, which can be converted to methane that fuels turbines.