Regional Report Triangle June 2013

Cary-based nonprofit EntreDot Enterprises helps entrepreneurs connect the dots and learn how to make their businesses a success.

Regional Report Triangle September 2012

Comedian Louis C.K. made headlines in June when he announced tickets for his fall stand-up tour would be sold exclusively through his website. Rolling Stone speculated that the [...]

Regional Report Triangle July 2012

The sporting events that Hill Carrow brings to North Carolina may not be as familiar as the Atlantic Coast Conference basketball tournament or U.S. Open golf tournament, but some have been [...]

Regional Report Triangle May 2012

Durham-based SJF Ventures’ third private-equity fund became the first national one to be licensed by the Small Business Administration as an Impact Investment Fund. 

Regional Report Triangle November 2011

Clustered food systems — self-sustaining cycles of small local producers growing, packaging and selling food to local customers — are popping up around the nation. 

Regional Report Triangle December 2011

“When I grew up, tobacco was something you smoked or chewed or dipped.” — Gov. Beverly Perdue at the opening of Medicago USA Inc.’s [...]

Regional Report Triangle March 2012

When Bob Geolas was a boy, his father took him to see construction at Research Triangle Park. Now he's the president and CEO of the Research Triangle Park Foundation of North Carolina.