Money talk: Battling Bob

Departing a big state pension fund moved Robert Borden off a political hot seat and the national stage. He’s just fine with that.

Money talk: King of the mill

Brokerage giant LPL stakes a claim in suburban Charlotte, led by ex-Queen City financial executive Dan Arnold.

Money talk: Belmont stakes

A money manager, Mick McMahan, shifts from financial advising to private equity with aplomb.

Money talk: Greener grass

Money manager Isaac Green expands amid difficult times for Durham’s ‘Black Wall Street.’

Money talk: Capital gains

Strategies learned at BofA helped Gene Taylor turn Capital Bank Financial into N.C.’s biggest community bank.

Money talk: Chopping block

Raleigh lender, Jeff Brock, and a restaurant-industry veteran start a private-equity firm with a healthy appetite.