Transportation round table: Upward mobility

North Carolina’s transportation industry is expanding, adapting and preparing to keep the state’s economy moving forward.

Scenesetters: 2017 Small Business of the Year

2017 Small Business of the Year

Nuclear energy’s role won’t change in the future

North Carolina’s nuclear power plants have provided an important source of electricity for nearly a half-decade. Industry experts say that role won’t change soon.

Technology is changing how energy providers interact with customers

Technology is changing how utilities provide energy to and interact with their customers.

North Carolina’s renewable-energy industry is positioned for success

Bountiful supplies, new technology and fresh guidance from Raleigh have North Carolina’s renewable-energy industry positioned for success.

Energized 2018

A guide to the energy industry in the Carolinas

Moore County marches forward, bolstered by tourists and the military

Moore County’s recently unveiled strategic development plan aims to improve its standing by leveraging its economic strengths, including tourism and a military presence.

Statesville toasts its crossroads appeal

Statesville stakes a claim at one of the state’s busiest intersections.

Bojangles’ cooks up a rebound strategy

After seven years of consistent growth, Bojangles’ stalls as costs rise and fast-food rivals slash prices.

Fox Factory adds suspense in Asheville

Fox Factory Holding makes shock absorbers and racing-suspension products for mountain bikes, snowmobiles, motorcycles and other off-road vehicles.

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