Travel and tourism round table: New vistas

North Carolina’s travel and tourism industry is seeing new heights and challenges.

Coastal communities respond to environmental changes

Coastal communities are working to shelter their busy economies from a changing environment.

Workforce training programs specialize in meeting unique needs

North Carolina’s workforce-training programs specialize in meeting the unique needs of its diverse workers and businesses.

Dropsource writes the code for business apps

Dropsource creates app design platforms for businesses that want to expand their mobile offerings with more complex apps.

Women excel in N.C. tech industry

As sexual harassment crises rock tech employers in other states, North Carolina shows leadership through a hospitable, inclusive approach.

Fisherman Creations puts the Yule in crab pots

A holiday tree only a North Carolina fisherman named Nick could create.

Appalachian Antique Hardwood sources old wood for new builds

Growing demand for weathered wood opens the door for rapid expansion by an enterprising former engineer.

Quilt Lizzy patches more than just fabric

Patching up old buildings helps a former accountant turn her passion for sewing into a bustling business.

Sanford’s Mertek named state’s top small business

Jerry Pedley and his shop of tinkerers create robotic machinery in an unlikely setting.

Penland School crafts a new chapter

The 88-year-old Penland School of Crafts, nestled in picturesque Mitchell County, has played a key role in building North Carolina’s $538 million craft industry.

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