Worldly things

Cover story: Sharon Decker, who left corporate life to be a minister, shepherds the Department of Commerce’s conversion.

A sense of community

Rising on the Financial 100, VantageSouth bulks up small, weak banks by creating strength in numbers.

Regional Report Western June 2013

Asheville Regional Airport has struggled with passenger numbers since low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines started offering flights in nearby Greenville, S.C.

Regional Report Triangle June 2013

Cary-based nonprofit EntreDot Enterprises helps entrepreneurs connect the dots and learn how to make their businesses a success.

Delivering the news

Warren Buffett buys newspapers in North Carolina because he thinks they can still turn a profit.

Sweepstakes industry pays to play

Capital Goods: By deed if not word, part of the state’s political leadership appears to be whispering to the video-gambling industry, “Don’t go. We really [...]

Regional Report Triad June 2013

Gov. Pat McCrory quickly backed off a proposal to cut the twice-annual High Point Market's state funding.

Regional Report Eastern June 2013

North Carolina lawmakers are weighing whether to cut incentives to the state's film industry.

Regional Report Charlotte June 2013

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx is poised to leave after being named President Obama's secretary of transportation pick.

Paper trails

Up Front: Remembering the daily newspaper.

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