The sky is not falling with the N.C. economy

North Carolina’s economy is accelerating, defying progressives’ predictions of a faltering state.

Change comes slowly for state politics

Tradition, culture and inertia combine to make dramatic policy reversals rare in state governance.

Republicans spend more on the state’s transportation network

Largely unnoticed, Republican lawmakers have prioritized higher spending on the state’s transportation network.

Free + clear: Improving North Carolina courts

A panel of legal experts identified ways to improve North Carolina’s courts, without taking sides on how judges are selected.

Free + clear: Clash of the bully pulpits

In the debate over House Bill 2, opinions diverge on who is the intimidator.

Free + clear: Power politics

Sure, Republicans played rough in stripping Gov. Roy Cooper’s power, continuing an old Raleigh tradition. The republic will endure.

Free + clear: Beyond the core

Suburbs and small towns, with two-thirds of state voters, retain big political clout.

Free + clear: Start me up

With too few businesses starting, the economy suffers. Promoting entrepreneurship needs to become a priority.

Free + clear: The great debate

Let’s stop the name-calling and embrace a more thoughtful debate to moderate our political differences.

Free + clear: A road to nowhere

A protectionist streak runs wide this summer, causing harm long after election season is over.

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