The dark descent of David Powell

Loving family and friends and career success couldn’t derail the despair plaguing Greensboro economic developer David Powell.

Small manufacturers are thriving

Big factories are the exception as small manufacturers gain steam

Eden’s tough transition as MillerCoors departs

MillerCoors’ plant closing in Eden raises doubts about rural North Carolina’s promise and unites political rivals in condemning global corporate consolidation.

The $250 million bet on SmartSky mobile service

Led by cellphone industry pioneer Haynes Griffin, SmartSky Networks wants to turn jet cabins into mobile offices.

Tolls speed ahead on Charlotte highways

Highway user fees are coming in the form of toll roads. The only question is who pays?

Virtual medicine will transform North Carolina’s health care economy

Bedless hospitals, virtual intensive care and office visits by phone will transform the state’s $70 billion health care economy.

Cree will focus on LEDs

Durham-based Cree had seen the light. It wants to devote full attention to its first love, LEDs.

N.C. DOT takes its time paying landowners

N.C. Department of Transportation owes Gene Kirby, and others like him, money for land taken.

The sun will shine on tourism during the solar eclipse

The solar eclipse will lure 100,000 or more visitors to the region next month.

Lowe’s Cos.’s expensive Australian trip

Lowe’s Cos.’ aggressive reach beyond North America proved no match for an entrenched rival, prompting a boomerang by the giant retailer.

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