Dennis Quaintance’s ESOP fable

Quaintance-Weaver Restaurants & Hotels share equity in the business with loyal staffers.



Grove Park Inn warms up its act

Asheville’s Omni Grove Park Inn is adding an events center aimed at attracting smaller meetings and weddings throughout the year, including the winter months.

New business group promotes social responsibility

North Carolina Business Council formed to provide a socially responsible perspective to help shape economic policy in the state.

Ally Financial raises its game

Ally Financial’s plan to lease 400,000 square feet in Charlotte’s newest office tower is the latest chapter in an amazing comeback story.

Fayetteville wants a new brand

Revving growth and overcoming stereotypes are top of mind as Fayetteville seeks to broaden its appeal.

Hot Springs embraces relaxation along the Appalachian Trail

Hikers and honeymooners soak up Hot Springs, a western town with a centuries-old history of hospitality.

Economic nationalism’s growing appeal

Economic nationalism gains appeal among those failing to share in prosperity gains.

RK Motors deals in wheels

RK Motors’ inventory of custom, rare and classic cars brings buyers to Charlotte from around the world.

Does Carolinas HealthCare, UNC system merger serve the public?

Combining the state’s two biggest health care systems promises a huge impact, without much say from those outside hospital boardrooms.

Frank Vagnone is revitalizing Old Salem

Frank Vagnone, who has made revitalizing tradition-bound museums his lifework, says he’s having a blast at Old Salem.

Barron’s favorite N.C. money manager

National publications cite Stephen Thomas as a top performer, helping the Charlotte money manager stand out in a crowded industry.

18 holes with: Doug Lebda

18 holes of golf with Doug Lebda, CEO, LendingTree Inc.

Dennis Quaintance’s ESOP fable

Quaintance-Weaver Restaurants & Hotels share equity in the business with loyal staffers.

A primer: Tar Heel farmers dominate sweet potato trade

North Carolina farmers are tops in sweet potatoes and No. 2 for producing turkeys, which means they have a starring role on Thanksgiving Day.

2017 Building NC: The state’s most compelling new structures

The fourth annual Building North Carolina awards, selected from projects completed between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017, showcase commercial structures based on their design, innovation and [...]

Wilmington’s Cucalorus festival expands its tech appeal

Connect 2017 is a model of excellence for regional economic development

Small manufacturers are thriving

Big factories are the exception as small manufacturers gain steam

Pitt County makes growth a group effort

Education, industry, and the public and private sectors are collaborating to grow Pitt County, where urban and rural residents feel their successes.

2017 mfgCon

Business North Carolina and the North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership hosted manufacturers from across the state.

Digital privacy and cybersecurity round table: Growing threat

Businesses and individuals must make cybersecurity a priority as web-based attacks increase in severity and scope.

2017 Guide to Business

Advice is only as valuable as its source. Those are important words to remember when you’re seeking help with your business.

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